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We love hearing from you!

As an organic forum of ideas, information, and exploration, we welcome participation from our readers. We want Healthy Hildegard to be a nurturing environment where seeds of passion, creativity, and purpose can be cultivated. Our readers are an essential part of this effort.

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Would you like to contribute to Healthy Hildegard?

We are always looking for fresh voices and compelling stories. If you would like to write for us, send us a brief pitch explaining your idea.

We are particularly interested in personal narratives about spiritual awakenings, creative mid-life transitions, or your experience with Hildegard’s beliefs. We also welcome engaging content about Hildegard as a historical figure and how and why she is relevant today.

Other incisive, actionable ideas on lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness that flow from Hildegard’s beliefs and/or holistic natural health will also be considered.