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Managing the tension between modern living and our natural physical disposition is a challenge. Within Healthy Nutrition you will find practices and resources to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your body.  We strive to navigate the different dimensions of our lives with a healthy perspective on weight management.

What Foods are Bitter?

The trend toward avoiding bitter tasting foods in favor of mild, savory and sweet flavors has wider implications.  Many of us suffer from digestive weakness, heartburn, bloating, and metabolic conditions.

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Hildegard’s Fasting Guidelines

Hildegard recommends fasting as a psychotherapeutic panacea for 29 of her 35 subconscious virtues. Her writing promotes fasting as a universal remedy to change consciousness and release healing powers for a new perspective on life.

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Bitter Tasting Foods and Bitters

The benefits of bitter tasting foods have been recognized since antiquity.  The origin of herbal bitters can be traced back to ancient Egyptians.

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Dinkel: Modern Uses for Ancient Spelt

What could I possibly learn from a nun who lived in solitude for the first 38 years of her life in the 12th Century?  And, could someone please tell me what's dinkel?

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Hildegard’s Three Healthy Fasts

Hildegard believed that regular fasting should be an integral part of a healthy dietary regimen. In this post we will review the process, purpose, and benefits of three levels of the Hildegard fast.

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Hildegard’s Guide to Fasting and Health

If you're looking for a guide to fasting and health, your search will take you back to ancient times. How to increase energy and its renewing properties.

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Dinkel wheat or Spelt: Wheat alternative

We call it Spelt; Germans call it Dinkel. Call it what you want, as long as you call it from time-to-time. The advent of modern wheat cultivation crowded this ancient grain out of mainstream production.

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Gluten in Spelt for Digestion

Gluten in spelt, as in other foods may present problems for many people. Genetic modifications to wheat seeds, along with artificial cultivation methods have made gluten more prominent.

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