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“Spirit, life that gives life, moving all things, rooted in all beings; you cleanse all things of impurity, wiping away sins, and anointing wounds, this is radiant, laudable life, awakening and re-awakening every thing that is.” 

– De Spiritu Sancto (To the Holy Spirit); Hildegard of Bingen

Be it of body, mind, or spirit, this section will guide you through the methods to cleanse the things that do not serve us and to renew and revitalize our minds and bodies.  Healthy Remedies is where the ancient wisdom of Hildegard’s teachings on natural healing, nutrition, and lifestyle management intersect with new ideas and practical solutions to the complex challenges of modern living.

Herbal Cold Remedies by Hildegard of Bingen (Part II)

Previously, we presented Hildegard’s 3 Herbal Cold Remedies representing some of the age-old formulas Hildegard recommended for preventing and treating colds. We highlighted one such remedy, Hildegard’s [...]

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Hildegard’s Origin of Diseases

Hildegard’s work in Causae et Curae, on the origin and treatment of diseases, offers a fascinating glimpse into Hildegard’s world view, and the theological underpinnings [...]

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Hildegard’s Duckweed Drink in Autumn

As the cold season approaches, Hildegard would recommend that we prepare our immune system for the icy months ahead, by using her duckweed drink. Her [...]

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Duckweed Elixir 

Duckweed Elixir is believed to strengthen the immune system and support detoxification. The detoxifying affects can also strengthen the mind and the psyche. Making duckweed [...]

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Making Tinctures

Many of Hildegard’s remedies include steps for making tinctures or extracts from medicinal herbs.  An oil extract draws the fat-soluble active ingredients from the medicinal [...]

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3 Natural Cold Remedies

By any measure, Saint Hildegard of Bingen left an indelible mark on the history of the middle ages. Much of her life’s creative, theological, and [...]

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10 Sleep Secrets Inspired by Hildegard

The sleep secrets of Hildegard of Bingen medicine include the fact that Hildegard considered sleep essential to restore the body, particularly the nervous system. She viewed sleep [...]

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7 of Hildegard’s healing plants

There’s an herb for that! Virtually every human condition can be addressed in some way with a corresponding healing plant or herb. While we have [...]

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