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A Holistic Approach

We created Healthy Hildegard to foster a holistic approach to our growth. We seek out ways – ancient and modern – to build strength, maintain balance, and kindle contentment of body and spirit.


Guiding Principles

(Re)connect with the past, with the earth, with each other.  Technology has given us a great gift of virtual connectivity but we must not let the virtual supplant the real. Among our guiding principles is the desire to connect with intent and purpose. We hope to improve lives as they are lived in the physical spaces we share. Learn more about our guiding principles.

Guiding Principles Healthy Hildegard

About the Team

Through our desire to synergize our individual efforts to study, refine, and apply the work of Hildegard in our everyday lives, we gave birth to Healthy Hildegard, and our guiding principles as a way to document, share, and collaborate. Meet the Team.

Team Healthy Hildegard 1