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The Inspiration of Hildegard

Our namesake, Hildegard of Bingen was and is our inspiration in this endeavor. She was a unifying force in bringing us together. She has inspired us in our own unique ways. As a visionary, mystic, teacher, and healer, she became our spiritual muse of midlife transition in this creation-in-progress.

Her divine light is a beacon of clarity as we construct our lives around her teachings and share this experience through our own creation here. Guided by her vivid vision, enlightened purpose, and holistic approach to living, we seek to awaken the visionary, mystic, teacher, and healer in ourselves. And in doing so, we invite you to join us, to do the same.

Welcome to Healthy Hildegard!

Meet Jan, Josh, Janice, and Gary

The four founders of Healthy Hildegard were drawn together by a common inspiration: Hildegard of Bingen. Through our desire to synergize our individual efforts to study, refine, and apply the work of Hildegard in our everyday lives, we gave birth to Healthy Hildegard, and our guiding principles as a way to document, share, and collaborate.

The Vision

We envisioned Healthy Hildegard as an organic forum of ideas, information, and exploration where our individual seeds of passion, creativity, and purpose could be cultivated in a nurturing environment. A kind of biosphere of generative human cooperation, empowering our readers – and ourselves, to live healthy, vibrant lives.

From this vision, we have built Healthy Hildegard into an evolving reflection of our individual and collective pursuits, passions, and expertise in areas of nutrition, creativity, fitness, spirituality, and self-improvement. We are unified under the belief that to live well we must maintain a holistic approach to the interconnectivity of spirit mind body in all of us. We recognize our bonds together and individually with the physical and spiritual world around us.

About Us Healthy Hildegard


Personal Awakening

We rely on the diversity of our collective experiences as well as our common bonds of family, German heritage, and pastimes to guide us through our pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. From the work of Hildegard and many other ancient traditions and resources, to the latest research in health, nutrition, and lifestyle, we are continually building our own expertise. We seek to curate the best ideas and practices for our readers.

As we transition through midlife we embrace this opportunity to awaken our creative selves and in some meaningful way to share this awakening through our efforts here at Healthy Hildegard. Guided by Hildegard’s vivid vision and enlightened purpose we seek to awaken the visionary, mystic, teacher, and healer in ourselves. And in doing so, we invite you to join us, to do the same.

Your Healthy Hildegard guides,

Jan, Josh, Janice, and Gary