Healthy Hildegard Spirit

Within Healthy Hildegard Spirit you will find information and resources about Hildegard of Bingen and her journey.  In addition, we add curated information on practices to seek out and maintain balance, manage stress and emotions, and to better engage and connect with the holistic wellness you desire, so that you can live each day as it unfolds with grace and vitality.

Viriditas Prayer

  Viriditas, gift of God Life breath Health, wholeness and holiness Emerald vitality, Sparkling water Damp stone Ventilating wind Fiery glow Igniting the world into [...]

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Discretio with Discretion

The ancient principle of discretio has deep spiritual roots but is also timeless in its value as an actionable practice for modern living. Finding the right measure in all things poses a unique challenge to our modern harried lifestyles.

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A Contemporary Ordo Virtutum

This contemporary take on Ordo Virtutum, performed alongside Diana Rowan and the San Francisco Renaissance Voices, takes an interesting twist as it incorporates the sounds of traditional North Indian (Hindustani) classical music for which Deepak is famous.

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