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7 Low Blood Pressure Home Remedies

When compared with high blood pressure, those suffering from low blood pressure (hypotension) generally have the advantage of a much lower risk of serious health issues associated with their condition. Nonetheless, disturbing symptoms such as fatigue or lack of vitality often accompany low blood pressure.

Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure can cause fainting upon rising suddenly, or after long periods of standing upright.  Some other common symptoms of low blood pressure include:

  • Temporary visual impairments (seeing spots or tunnel vision)
  • Fatigue and increased need for sleep
  • Listlessness or depressive moods
  • Pulsating headaches
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Dizziness
  • Brief loss of consciousness, fainting or collapsing
  • Heart palpitations
  • Increased sensitivity to cold and cold sweats
  • Cold hands and feet

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Despite persistent feelings of fatigue, people suffering from hypotension often experience insomnia, and restlessness, which sometimes leads to a misdiagnosis of depression in elderly patients.

Causes of Low Blood Pressure

Frequently, low blood pressure arises without identifiable causes. Much like hypertension, hypotension may accompany other, more serious health conditions, but can also be a natural part of pregnancy, or a side effect of medication.

Commonly, salt deficiency, dehydration, severe blood loss, excessive alcohol consumption, or smoking can result in low blood pressure. Long-standing health conditions, such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, kidney disease, or some infections may also be contributing factors.

Low blood pressure tends to affect women more often than men. Consult with a medical professional, if symptoms related to low blood pressure arise or persist.

Hildegard’s Low Blood Pressure Home Remedies

In the absence of a known health condition contributing to low-blood pressure, consider evaluating and promoting a holistic sense of well-being. Hildegard of Bingen would recommend activities such as meditation in nature, or moderate walks after meals. Also consider full body baths, and rubbing oils / creams enhanced by essential oils to stimulate a sense of well-being and to enhance metabolism.

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Hildegard valued the stimulating and healing effects of plants, whether through gardening, incorporating fresh smelling flowers and healing spices into our environment, or through the consumption of healing plants, she believed that cultivating our interconnectivity with nature was key to preventing and healing illness. She expresses this connectivity in her notion of viriditas, the “greening” power of nature is central in much of our general health and wellness.

Hildegard believed in self-regulation as the best of all low blood pressure home remedies. Through awareness of our connectivity to our environment and a conscious, purposeful approach to managing our lifestyle, we can strengthen our natural dispositions against.

Natural Low Blood Pressure Home Remedies

Sebastian Kneipp believed in the healing power of cold water. For mild cases of hypotension, a practice of warm (not hot), or preferably cold, showers helps stimulate a healthy increase in blood pressure. Among the more effective low blood pressure home remedies, consider switching between hot and cold water in the shower.

Moderate exercise can also be a great way to increase blood pressure while providing many other benefits. Stretching exercises like yoga and tai chi or even basic stretches at home can help stimulate blood pressure. Resistance (weight) training has also many benefits including improving circulation, stabilizing blood pressure, increasing bone density, increasing metabolism, and improving hormonal balance.

Hydrotherapy and proper hydration

As with many basic health conditions, pay close attention to proper hydration. Drink plenty of hydrating fluids, including a moderate intake of fluids to promote circulation, such as tea or coffee. Simply increasing your average intake of water can increase blood pressure enough to improve symptoms of low blood pressure.

For some people, wearing compression stockings serves as one of the low blood pressure home remedies. Compression stocking serve to prevent blood from pooling in the legs.

7 Herbal Low Blood Pressure Home Remedies


Rosemary contains several essential oils. Chief among them is camphor, which in mild cases serves as one of our low blood pressure home remedies. Although rosemary is formally recognized for its treatment of gastro intestinal disorders, it may be ingested or applied topically in cases of low blood pressure. The essential oil camphor helps stimulate the respiratory system and promote blood circulation.low blood pressure home remedies 4

Rosemary is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, because the herb can have toxic effects over prolonged use, or in high doses.

(1) Rosemary tea

For one cup of tea, use one teaspoon of rosemary leaves and steep for 10 minutes in a cup of boiling water. Drink two to three cups daily.

(2) Rosemary aromatherapy

Add 7 drops of rosemary to a fragrance lamp, and allow it to evaporate slowly. You’ll notice an invigorating effect immediately.

(3) Rosemary wine

Add 4 teaspoons of dried rosemary leaves to 1 liter of white wine and let the combination steep for 1 week before straining. Store the resulting mixture in cold temperature for up to one month. Take 2-3 shot-sized glasses, daily.

(4) Rosemary cream

Rosemary contributes to healthier skin by increasing blood flow. Use a topical ointment containing 6-10% of rosemary essential oil along with 3-5% of camphor. Rub this cream or essential oil on the chest 2 to 3 times, daily.

(5) Rosemary bath

Add 10 to 15 drops of rosemary oil along with 1 cup of rosemary cream to hot bath water (100 to 102 degree Fahrenheit). Plan for a 20 to 30 minute bathing time. This application is not recommended for people with oily skin.


Even in low concentrations, lavender has the effect to stimulate blood circulation in the body. Much like rosemary oil, lavender oil contains camphor, which has a stimulating effect when applied topically.

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(6) Lavender aromatherapy

Lavender is traditionally used in aromatherapy.  For this purpose add 3 drops of lavender oil to a fragrance lamp and allow it to evaporate.

Calamus Root (Acorus calamus)

Calamus root serves to stimulate metabolism and promote circulation. Its essentials oils contain terpenes, which are aromatic organic hydrocarbons that contribute to their scent, flavor, and color. The terpenes also have medicinal properties as well as being natural antimicrobial.

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(7) Calamus bath

To prepare a bath using calamus root, add 1 cup of dried, untreated calamus root to a liter of boiling water. Allow 15 minutes to steep, separate and strain the calamus root, and then add the resulting water to your bath water. You may repeat the cooking process to draw more essential oils from the calamus root.

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