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Spelt Flour Recipes: Enjoy the Benefits of Spelt

spelt flour recipes

Whether you are looking for ways to reduce or replace your wheat flour intake, or you are just looking for new grains to liven-up your kitchen, these spelt flour recipes are a great step toward a diet focused on holistic health and wellness.

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What is Spelt Flour? An Alternative to Wheat Flour

what is spelt flour

Spelt flour has also become increasingly popular because it is a good alternative to wheat flour, particularly those who cannot tolerate the gluten in wheat. Hildegard believed spelt to have healthy, even healing properties. 

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Is Spelt Gluten Free?

is spelt gluten free

We often hear the question: “is spelt gluten free?” Although the answer to that question is “no,” we’ve found that spelt represents a reasonable alternative for those with grain sensitivities.

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