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What Are Digestive Bitters?

Hands on stomach in heart shape

Digestive bitters have traditional roots as medicinal remedies prepared from bitter plants. Typically used to treat digestive ailments like gas, bloating, and cramps, digestive bitters help promote general digestive health. In this post we will cover everything you need to know about the natural digestive aid known as bitters including: Why you need digestive bitters…

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Spignel (Meum athamanticum), a Forgotten Medicinal Plant

Spignel Meum Athamanticum plant

Spignel is an old medicinal plant largely forgotten today. There hardly exists any clear reference to spignal in most herbal books of this century. Despite scant recognition today, the history of spignel root includes active appreciation by ancient physicians.  Records of meum athamanticum include recommendations for treating urinary disorders, stomach complaints, joint complaints, and mild…

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The Gut Brain Connection

The Gut Brain Connection

The deep connection between our brains and our guts reflects the concept of interconnectivity. We talk a lot about Hildegard of Bingen’s belief in the interconnectivity of all things in the cosmos.  Her understanding of a micro and macro universe, both simultaneously existing within and around each of us.  The concept of interconnectivity helps resolve our…

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8 Prebiotic Foods List

prebiotic diet

What are prebiotic foods? Though this question would not likely have been asked of Hildegard of Bingen medicine, Hildegard of Bingen herself could not have overstated the importance of healthy digestion. To understand what is the difference between probiotics and probiotics see our posts probiotics and digestion and intestinal health where we covered the digestive process and the role of…

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What is Fermentation?

fermentation for health

What is fermentation? To answer that, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the amazing process of fermentation. Learn about the health benefits of fermentation
and find 8 healthy fermented foods you can enjoy today.

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7 Tips for Probiotics and Digestion

probiotics and digestion

Digestion plays a crucial role in overall health and well-being, according to Hildegard of Bingen medicine. What is the relationship between probiotics and digestion? Probiotics are living organisms introduced into the body for beneficial purposes. The name probiotic is a categorical term that can be applied to numerous types of bacteria – a kind of catchall for…

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Antibiotics and Digestion

antibiotics and digestions

It is no secret that digestion plays an important role in Hildegard of Bingen medicine.  At the same time, a lot has changed since Hildegard of Bingen and her medieval medical treatments.  Today, we have antibiotics, which did not exist 900 years ago.  So, what is the relationship between antibiotics and digestion? How do antibiotics effect…

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Caraway Seeds: Health Benefits and Remedies

caraway seeds health benefits

The health benefits of caraway seeds have been known since antiquity. In fact, caraway (carum carvi) remains one of the oldest herbs and medicinal plants still in use in Europe. In addition to healing, caraway seeds have a long culinary and medicinal history. Take a look at the end of this post for caraway seed remedies…

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