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Popped Spelt Chocolate Bars

Popped Spelt Bar Recipe

These popped spelt and chocolate bars serve as a great snack for something sweet with dark chocolate. Hildegard von Bingen considered spelt among the healthiest grains. These spelt bars made from popped spelt, along with fine 70% dark chocolate serve as a special treat. Enjoyed in moderation, these bars are a delicious addition to a…

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Fried Spelt Recipe

fried spelt recipe 2

This fried spelt dish is a simple and hearty recipe that is both healthy and satisfying. An ideal dish that also works as a part of a fasting cure according to Hildegard of Bingen. Those who like it a little more grainy can use the pre-cooked dark grains. As an alternative, the dark grains are…

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Spelt Semolina Apple Casserole Recipe

Spelt Semolina Recipe

This spelt semolina apple casserole smacks of a classic cheesecake. It tastes best when cool as the batter begins to firm-up. The spelt semolina apple casserole is easily digestible and delicious. You can adjust the number of eggs. The consistency of the casserole will be slightly firmer with 3 eggs. Ingredients for a Spelt Apple…

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Spelt Soup with Beef (or Lamb)

spelt soup

Spelt Soup with Beef (or Lamb) When it’s cold outside, a warm meal waiting for you at home is a perfect way to keep winter at bay.  The best part about a slow-cooker meal like beef and spelt soup is that it’s hard to mess-up.  You can give this version a try but there is…

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